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Resting in Stillness --  Integrative Restoration (iRest) Workshop
Led By Lily Cann,  certified iRest® teacher with the Integrative Restoration Institute
founded by Dr. Richard Miller.

Mindful Yoga Studio
Sunday, July 6, 4-6p.m., $20/$25 after 7/1
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iRest offers an unique opportunity to receive and to discover just what we need.
It is a process of systematic relaxation and a guided self inquiry that allows what is wanting to “be heard” from your subconscious. It is an individual experience for each person, each experiencing from their own heart and wisdom. At the same time we access the sensation of our Beingness and allow for it to come more into the foreground of our awareness as the ego self recedes.
The process is experienced while lying on a mat while being comfortably supported by props. No postures are involved in iRest.

Come explore yourself!  Bring eye pillows to enhance your inward journey.
Sunday, July 6, 4-6p.m., $20/$25 after 7/1

Always welcoming individuals wanting private iRest© dyads for self inquiry.

Would you like to bring iRest© to your workplace, group, or organization? Feel free to email your
ideas where and when and let's discuss it!

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